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By Dr. Adrian Peterson

The following list was originally published in the January 17, 1994 (Volume 2 #1) edition of the Radio News Bulletin, published by the Special Projects section of Adventist World Radio.) It appears here with permission of the author.


Year DateCallEvents
1901March 1HU Inauguration of network of 5 spark stations
1922May 11KDYX 2 MW stations launched, KDYX (=KGMB) & KGU
1937-KHKFirst Hawaii Calls programs
1942-KRCAKHK under VOA programming
1944Dec 25KRHO 100 kW unit located at Maile
1948NovWWVH At 1st location near Kihei on Maui
1949-KRHK2nd 100 kW unit
1968-VOAStation closed and then dismantled
1971JulWWVH Transferred to Kekana on Kauai
1993Dec 25KWHR 1st non-Government SW station in Hawaiian Islands


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