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La Voz de Atitlan. A very close look at the town of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala and its radio station. I have received more comments on this article than on any other single thing that I have written.
La Voz de Cutervo. A visit to a very small Peruvian broadcaster in a very remote town. The author was the first foreigner to visit the town in over twenty years!
Bolivia: Radio Under the Gun. Bolivia is the only country in the world where trade unions own a significant number of radio stations. The story of the Bolivian miners' union and their radio network is one of adversity and courage.
The Unique Story of TI4NRH. A history of Latin America's first shortwave broadcasters, complete with a visit to the dusty archives!
Aunt Julia and a Visit with a Bolivian Scriptwriter. Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa's book Aunt Julia and the Scripwriter is not only wonderfully entertaining, but about a subject dear to DXers' hearts - Peruvian radio! This article reviews the book and visits the man who it was reportedly based on.
Life In Honduras, Part One. A very detailed look at everyday life in Santa Barbara, Honduras, where I lived as a Peace Corps volunteer for two years.
A Study of Media in Andean Venezuela A very extensive study I did as a consultant for the Voice of America in 1994-95.
The Day the Martians Landed - Or Stories They Never Tell on HCJB. The Orson Welles story, with a south-of-the-Equator twist!
Reaching the Villages: Radio in Tanzania. How radio has been used in social development in this East African nation.


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