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Patepluma Clandestine Radio

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Twenty-five Years Ago in Prague.
The use of clandestine radio broadcasting during the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
The Last Days of Radio Impacto.
The story of a semi-clandestine anti-Sandinista radio station probably sponsored by the CIA.
Radio Free America.
A very short-lived offshore clandestine aimed at the US government.
Bolivia: Radio Under the Gun.
The story of radio stations operated by Bolivian mining unions. This is a very political story and some of the stations operated in a semi-clandestine manner.
Free Radio in Brazil: A Book Review
Review of a Portuguese-language book on pirate radio in Brazil.
Radio With A Past in Argentina
Not really clandestine, but tells of the use of radio in Juan Peron's power struggles in the 1940s.


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