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Bolivia Map Guide for DXers

These maps have been scanned from an official Bolivian military map which I purchased in La Paz in 1985. The map is a Bolivian government document and is believed to be in the public domain. The map came in two sections or sheets, which when put together form a map approximately 1 meter by 1 meter in size.

Use the guide map to locate which map or maps cover the part of Bolivia you are interested in. The boundaries between the departments are marked. Several cities and towns are also marked to serve as reference points. (See the second list below for a key.) It may be useful to use the guide map with a standard atlas map of Bolivia.

As can be seen on the guide map, the detailed maps overlap in many places. Below are listings of the main focus area for each map. The two sheets that form the map, however, do not overlap in any part. The thick green line through the center of the guide map is where the two sheets join together. Unfortunately, a number of provinces and departments are badly split into two sections, but this can not be helped. The maps were all scanned at the same 180 dpi. With a lot of time, patience, paper, and tape, one could print these out and piece together an large wall map of Bolivia.

MAP 101

Pando Deparment: Provinces of Nicolas Suarez, Manuripi, Madre de Dios, and Abuna.

MAP 102

Pando Department: Province of Federico Roman
Beni Department: Province of Vaca Diez

MAP 103

La Paz Department: Provinces of Iturralde, Franz Tamayo, Saavedra

MAP 104

Beni Department: Provinces of General Jose Ballivian, Yacuma

MAP 105

Beni Department: Provinces of Mamore, Itenez

MAP 106

La Paz Department: Provinces of Camacho, Munecas, Omasuyos, Larecaja, Nor Yungas, Sud Yungas, Murillo, Los Andes, Ingavi, Inquisivi, and Loayza. Above the green line are the northern portions of the provinces of Pacajes and Aroma

MAP 107

Cochabamba Department: Provinces of Ayopaya and Chapore. Above the green line are the northern portions of Apacari, Quillacollo, Punata, Arani and Carrasco. Also the northern portion of the province which the city of Cochabamba is located - I can not read its name.

MAP 108

Beni Department: Provinces of Moxos, Cercado, and Marban.

MAP 109

Santa Cruz Department: Northern portions of the provinces of Nuflo de Chavez and Velasco

MAP 110

Santa Cruz Department: Provinces of Gutierrez and Santiesteban. Northern portions of Ichilo and Warnes. Most of southern portion of Nuflo de Chavez.

MAP 111

Santa Cruz Department: Southern portion of province of Velasco. Northern portion of the province of Angel Sandoval. A narrow northern edge of the province of Chiquitos.

MAP 112

Oruro Department: Entire Department. Provinces are Sajama, Litoral, Atahuallpa, Ladislao Cabrera, Carangas, Saucari, Cercado, Salence, Poopo, and Avaroa.

MAP 113

Potosi Department: Provinces of Bilbao, Ibanez, Bustillos, Charcas, Chayanta, Saavedra, Tomas Frias, Quijarro, and Linares

MAP 114

Potosi Department: Provinces of Daniel Campos, Nor Lipez, and Sud Lipez

MAP 115

Potosi Department: Provinces of Nor Chichas, Sud Chichas, and Modesto Omiste
Chuquisaca Department: Southwestern arm of Sud Cintas province

MAP 116

Chuquisaca Department: Entire department except a tiny portion of Sud Cintas. Provinces are Oropeza, Zudanez, B. Boeto, Tomina, Azurduy, Yamparae, Nor Cintas, Sud Cintas, Hernando Siles, and Luis Calvo

MAP 117

Cochabamba Department: Provinces of Campero, Mizque, Arge, Pinota, and Arque. Also a small province centering on Cliza, whose name I cannot read. Southern portions of Apacari, Quillacollo, Punata, Arani and Carrasco and the illegible province in which Cochabamba city is located.
Santa Cruz Department: Provinces of Cabellero, Florida, and Vallegrande

MAP 118

Santa Cruz Department: Provinces of Andres Ibanez. Southern portions of Ichilo and Warnes. Southernmost sliver of Nuflo de Chavez. Western half of Cordillera province. Small western part of Chiquitos

MAP 119

Santa Cruz Department: Central portion of Chiquitos province. Most of the eastern half of Cordillera province

MAP 120

Santa Cruz Department: Eastern portion of Chiquitos province. Small eastern section of Cordillera province. Southern half of Angel Sandoval province.

MAP 121

Tarija Department: Entire department. Provinces are Arce, Aviles, Mendez, Cercado, O'Connor, and Gran Chaco

Numbered Cities & Towns

1. Cobija
2. Riberalta
3. Rurrenabaque
4. Santa Ana de Yacuma
5. Trinidad
6. La Paz
7. Cochabamba
8. Oruro
9. Santa Cruz
10. San Jose de Chiquitos
11. Camiri
12. Sucre
13. Potosi
14. Uyuni
15. Camargo
16. Tarija



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