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(Comments unedited from original 1995 version.)

I have been an active shortwave listening hobbyist, focusing on Latin American broadcasting stations, since 1971. From January, 1982 to November, 1984 I worked in Honduras. I was with the Peace Corps for most of that time in a remote provincial capital. While there, I visited a number of broadcasting stations in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico as well as spent many hours monitoring the shortwave and medium wave bands. In 1985 I spent six months traveling through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Again, many radio stations were visited and a lot of time was spent in monitoring. Further trips were made to the Mexican Yucatan, Belize, and Guatemala in 1987 and to Costa Rica in 1990, before my recent Venezuela travels.

To date I have visited around 150 Latin American radio stations, ranging from very modern big city stations to unlicensed dirt-floored broadcasters in remote Peruvian mountain towns. I speak, read, and write near-fluent Spanish. Because of my Peace Corps background and familiarity with Latin American cultures, I enjoy going to places not often frequented by North Americans and I am open to experiences other North Americans would be adverse to trying.

I am well-known among radio hobbyists for my writings, mainly on Latin American themes, in a number of radio hobby publications, including The Journal of the North American Shortwave Association, Monitoring Times, Passport to World Band Radio, Fine Tuning's Proceedings, and Review of International Broadcasting. To better understand the academic view of broadcasting, I visit major university libraries several times a year to read broadcasting articles in professional publications such as the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media and Gazette, as well as professional level broadcasting research books.

Professionally, I have an M.A. in Linguistics from Ohio University (1989) and teach English as a Second Language at Teikyo Marycrest University in Davenport, Iowa. I have also taught a 300 level undergraduate class in shortwave listening at Teikyo Marycrest, and expect to offer the class again in the coming year.

1998 Update: I no longer teach at Marycrest.

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