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Addendum to Radio Impacto

This was sent to me by a reader.


Hola Don:

My name is ________ and I am a literature professor at _______ State University. I am currently working on an article about the social impact of political "poes�a musicalizada" during the last 30 years in Central America, more specifically in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I lived in Costa Rica for many years, and thanks to your website, I now know that I worked about three blocks from Radio Impacto for about four of those years. (By the way, the Higuer�n se muri� -- it has been replaced by a baby fig tree that doesn't seem to thrive on car exhaust fumes yet. However, for the past eight years directions have changed to: "From the ex-higuer�n").

I stumbled onto your website when looking for information about Parmenio Medina (the man who bought the remains of Radio Impacto). He was assasinated a few days ago in Costa Rica, after receiving death threats for his controversial radio program. This is the first assasination of a political nature in Costa Rica since 1948. His radio program, "La Patada" constantly poked fun at political figures and publically revealed political corruption. It ran for over 30 years. It is very ironic that he became the owner of the equipment that once broadcast Radio Impacto.

Your website is really interesting and informative. I don't know much about SW radio. In fact, I didn't know what "DX" meant. I am, however, very interested in learning more about radio broadcasts in Nicaragua, especially during the Sandinista conflict. My research involves poetry. Revolutionary poetry is very important in Latin America in general, but in many countries where there are high levels of illiteracy, poetry set to music has been extrememly important. Do you have any information about stations in Nicaragua?

Thanks so much, _______

PS. I am teaching "La t�a Julia y el escribidor" next semester, and I will send my students to visit your article on Raul Salm�n.


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