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Memories of
La Voz de La Liberacion


Yes, of course! Our parents always talk about it, how people would huddle under the bed at night during those days, listening to the Radio Liberacion on battery powered radios (the electricity would be turned off in the whole city) while the "sulfato" (a small plane- but that's a different story) would fly low over rooftops and ocasionally shoot into the air. Leonel Sisniega was one of the announcers for that station. Anyway, they would go on the air saying "Aqui transmite Radio Liberacion, desde un lugar secreto de Guatemala". The university students, always with a quick mind for a good joke, said that they really meant "Aqui transmite Radio Liberacion, desde un lugar secreto de la Embajada de los Estados Unidos." ;-)


The above item is used with permission of the author, Grete Pasch.
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