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More Notes on La Voz de La Liberacion

From Guatemala, Roberto Gonzalez write....


Dear Mr. Moore:
I have read the article "The Clandestine Grandaddy of Central America". I'm Mario Lopez Villatoro's nephew (he was my aunt's husband) and I was very excited to read that article.

The second last name of my father wasn't "Otero". That correspond to another "member of the team" of that time named Leonel Sisniega Otero (who still lives in Guatemala) and use to write in some newspapers.

As the article tells, my uncle was killed in a supermarket parking lot in "Montufar Avenue" (and also his bodyguard). He was with two of my cousins (sister and younger brother), who by miracle, stay alive today. That was in 1969.

But about the "other story" you mencioned in the article, concerning the "Sulfato Plane", they were piloted by my grandmothers brothers (Carlos and Francisco Cheesman). You can see the funny course of life or destiny, because Mario Lopez Villatoro's second wife, my aunt; Marta Gonzalez de Lopez (who died last year), was also, Carlos and Francisco Cheesman's niece.

In other words, my uncle Mario and my grandma's brothers (who piloted the "sulfato") were part of Guatemalan history.

I'll show my cousins the article and I am pretty sure they will be very excited too.

Thanks and regards.


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