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Memories of Santa Barbara


The following item was sent to the webmaster from Maria Elena Taylor in response to the Life in Honduras series. It is placed here with her permission.

I recently located your 3 articles about life in Honduras. When I finished reading I almost sat down and cried. My father was born and raised in Santa Barbara. In fact his house was next to the cuartel and across the park from the church. An adopted sister lives there now. When we were small we used to go and spend school vacations there. It was like going to heaven, everything was so much fun. We would go every afternoon to swim in the river, the evening to walk around the park, and if we got bored we just would go to confession. The priest got quite upset about this and ended giving us so many rosaries as penance, that we decided to stop using this as our scape from boreness.

I remember walking in the street and people coming out of the houses calling to us "There goes Moncho's children, coming dear, I went to school - or I am related to your father" and they would proceed to give us popsicles and pop. My mother would be so upset, she would never convince us that we were not supposed to eat the popsicles. She would religiously boil water at the house and was upset over us eating the popsicles without any regards. But in the heat of Santa Barbara at the age of 7 to 11 this is so unimportant. I am sure that if at the time we would have been given the choice to go to Santa Barbara or Disneyland there would not have been any doubt, we would have chosen Santa Barbara.

I hope you continue writing about your experiences. Everything is so relative, the beauty of that life is very seldom understood in develop countries. We try to change this in the name of development, but we don't understand what we are destroying.

Thank you very much for your offer. I would definitely be honour if you placed my letter, with my e-mail address, in your website. The letter came directly from my heart, I would like others to get that message. It is a long time since I have been back to Santa Barbara, but I am hoping to go this Christmas. I am going to spend the holidays with my family, I can't wait to eat some "tamales navidenos".

Once again thank you very much for such wonderful articles.

Maria Elena

The following message was received from a student who did not identify himself.

HELLO I am a student here in U.S from San Nicolas,Santa Barbara Honduras and I was reading your notes about life in Santa Barbara so many years ago.I likes some of the things that you wrote and some I don't but yet I would like to inform you that since that time life has change a lot in Santa Brbara,and I think that you would like to know fresh news from this place. I was student at la Independencia y en la Escuela Normal MIXTA, now there are telephones, the post office is bigger and you don't have to go there to received your mail,also there are new buildins the streets are pavimented and there are four radio stations, less restaurants and some that sell pizza. the buses now are modern and are two different companies also there is one to Tegucigalpa that take four hours to get there. there are more roads to every where and more business you can even find computer curses more schools and now they have text books to read and to take home because the educative system has change also the la voz del junco owner died three years ago and he was going to have a tv station it was already working but since he died his widow did not want to continue with that proyect he died electrocuted when he was fixing the antena en galeras


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