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The following item is taken from pages 138-139 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

After visiting ruins of Copan (near Guatemalan frontier), I visited Santa Rosa de Copan City, some 4 hours from the ruins by bus. There are 4 MW radio stations (excluding relay station of Tegucigalpa), all of which make use of FM outlets as STL, as is the case in Guatemala. For your information, I will show you their schedule:

550kHz & 99.0MHz - R.Manantial (HRDL) - 0600-2200 (daily)
820kHz & 90.3MHz - R.Sultana (HRKW) - 0500-2200 (Monday - Saturday), 0600-2100 (Sunday)
1300kHz & 94.5MHz - R.Santa Rosa (HRLR) - 0500-2100 (Monday - Saturday), 0800-1700 (Sunday) using 3kW (ex 1kW) "Contel" transmitter for MW and lkW monaural FM transmitter. Has a plan to increase power to 5kW. Founded on November 26, 1978, by a Catholic church.

I visited one storied house of La Voz de Occidente, located in front of Parque Infantil on May 20, 1985. Sra. Elsa de Rendon (wife of founder station manager, Dr. Arturo Rendon P.) in charge of administration, told me various stories about the station. She knows well about DXing and she showed me some reports sent to the station while they had an SW service. They had been receiving reports until 1978, which mainly came from North America. The peak was in the first half on 1960's and received report from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia. In that time they had an interference from nearby La Voz de BogotA. They issued QSL card for the reports. It is a pity that they have no plans to resume SW transmission. It was in 1982 that they ceased SW transmission, removing valves from SW transmitter (5960 kHz).

La Voz de Occidente was founded on August 9, 1957, by Dr. Arturo Rendon Pineda, Director Gen-eral. He also inaugurated Radio Sensaci6n (abolished), HRYF R.Copan (790kHz, abolished), and HRRH3 Radio Ticante de Ocotepeque (l030kHz). HRRH3 is still operating at 0700-1900 daily. HRRH La Voz de Occidente depends their income on advertisements and Avisos (50 centavos). Except for a news program "Radio Sucesos" (1100-1230), programs mainly consist of music. They have 11 employees, including 4 announcers.

Technical Information

MW 710 kHz (5kW): "Collins" transmitter (purchased in 1970) connected to half wave vertical antenna (70m high). Covers Copan, Santa Barbara, Lempira, Ocotepeque at night.
SW 5960 kHz (1kW): "Collins" transmitter (obtained in 1957). Used dipole antenna with S/N direction.
FM 92.1 MHz (60W): "Continental Electronics" monaural transmitter for STL. Service area is limited to the inside Santa Rosa City.


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