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The following item is taken from pages 144-145 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

Radio Landia was very difficult to catch in Japan. These years, so far as I know, no one suceeded in getting QSL directly from the station; so QSL collectors had to find someone who could contact personally with the station: Two "Donald Moore" took active part in this phase: one is the founder of Radio Luz Y Vida-(3250/1600kHz) and the other is a DXer. In such a context Radio Landia deserves to call a "Rare station".

On May 29, 1985, I left Juticalpa early in the morning by bus bound forTegucigalpa, where I took another bus for Comayagua, the former capital of Honduras. Comayagua is a small city about l00km northwest of Tegucigalpa by road. A community of cobbled streets and low whitewashed buildings, it has many buildings of architectural interest including 16th century churhes, and the early 18th century cathedral. The city was founded around 1540, and it developed as the administrative center of what is now the Republica de Honduras. When Honduras became independent in 1838, the city was made the capital, but in 1880 the government moved to Tegucigalpa. Comayagua is now the capital of a Department of the same name and is the trade center of a farming region that produces coffee and staple food crops.

I chose the cheapest hotel "Hospedaje Primavera" near mercado (Market) in downtown. I turned on my radio and sweeped AM & FM bands to know activity of stations there; AM - 710 HRSM Radio Comayagua (0400-2100) 805 HRDL Radio Corporacion de Barrio San Francisco (0500-2200), 830 HRCD Radio Cadena Impacto (0500-2100), 920 HRRM Radio Sistema (0700-2100), 950 HRQL Radio Centro Radial de Siguatepeque (0500-2100) and 1460 HRQX Radio Landia. FM 104.2 MHz (stereo) Estereo Punto.

HRQX Radio Landia is located outside the town. There are no houses around it: there stands a little prefab - like house with green wall. I heard that a little house at the southern end o Bulebar street is Radio Landia. Yes, it is painted "Radio Landia La Centroamericana". It was too small to believe that it was a radio station. They are the smallest station I have visited! So I was very surprised to know that they were broadcasting from such a small house ...(it is no use surprising because station building has nothing to do with transmitting equipment, hi.)

I knocked the door several times, and finally Sr. Rolando Daniel Torres, announcer, appeared. I told him my purpose, and I was allowed to enter in. He was the only person in the station, working himself in the studio at that time. The little station has a studio for announcer (I saw egg cases made of corrugated paper around the wall for soundproof!?), which was not used currently, and a control room equipped with "Shure" SE30 mixer, "RCA" microphone, two "Rek-kut" BR-71 players, two "Spot Master" catridges, disk shelf, TEAC 2300S open tape deck (for producing advertisements). The founder and Gerente, Sr. Rolando Barahora had been to US in order to buy spare parts of SW transmitter, mixer, controller and new tape deck. So I could not get enough information on the station, but Sr. Rolando Daniel T. was kind enough to provide me with information with all his knowledge.

Radio Landia is the second oldest radio station in Comayagua City, founded on December 1, 1968 (4965kHz with "Philips" transmitter - IkW). The first station is Radio Comayagua (7l0kHz) founded on November 14, 1968. Radio Landia obtained an MW outlet with a call sign HRQX mucli later and at moment, the station is authorized by HONDUTEL (Empresa Hondurena de Telecomunicaciones) to broadcast on frequencies. "Collins" transmitter (5kW) with half wave vertical antenna is used for MW 1460kHz, and "Collins" transmitter (1kW) with half wave dipole antenna for SW 4965kHz. SW outlet has not been used since late 1984. Studio and transmitter site (distance: 6km) is connected by a telephone line. Current schedule is: 0500-2300 (Monday - Saturday) and 0700-1900 (Sunday). Radio Landia has only two announcers: Rolando Daniel Torres (0500-0830, 1000-1200, 1400-1730) and Jose Angel Machado (0830-1000, 1200-1400, 1730-2300). Until a few years ago, there were 5 annoncers/operators, but 3 of them were fired because they worked drinking (naturally!). As Radio Landia earns an income from advertisements, message from listeners, information, telephone requests are broadcast at free of charge. 90% of their programing is occu- pied by music program. The adrress of the smallest station I visited is as follows; Calle Bulebar, Comayagua, Departamento de Comayagua, Honduras.

Program Radio Landia

De Lunes a Sabado 5.00 a 6.00 a.m. Las Rancheros del Club de los Madrugadores
6.00 a 7.00 a.m. Musica Popular
7.00 a 8.00 a.m. Musica del Recuerdo
8.00 a 11.00 a.m. Musica Popular
11.00 a 12.00 a.m. La Familia Matancera
12.00 a 1.00 p.m. Instrumentales al estilo de la Centroamericana
1.00 a 2.00 P.m. Musica Popular
2.00 a 3.00 p.m. Fiesta en Mexico (Rancheras)
3.00 a 4.30 p.m.Musica Popular
4.30 a 5.30 p.m.Llegando a Casa (Rancheras)
5.30 a 6.00 p.m.Radio Revista Onda 2,000
6.00 a 7.00 p.m.. La Juventud y Yo (Musica Pop)
7.00 a 8.00 p.m. Musica Popular
8.00 a 10.30 p.m. Arco Iris Musical
10.30 a 11.00p.m. Trios y cuartetos de Latinoamerica


7 a 9 a.m. Musica Popular
9 a 10 a.m. Transmision misa desde La Catedral
10 a 6 p. m. Musica Popular
6 a 8 p.m. Siempre en Domingo (Artistas Nacionales)


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