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XEXQ - San Luis Potosi

By Carl Huffaker


The following item is taken from page 36 of the book Carl Huffaker's Latin Notebooks as originally published by SPEEDX. This book is a collection of Carl's columns in the SPEEDX magazine between 1986 and 1991. It is placed here with permission of SPEEDX.

The column goes to the courier service first thing in the morning, then I take the highway to San Luis Potosi. The occasion is Mexico's Independence Day, but I'll find time to stop by the university radio station. It's only a block from the Plaza de Armas, and they're a friendly bunch, the sort of people that feel slighted if you don't say hello when you're in town. The studios have lost some of their atmosphere since they've moved from the old mint building of the Spanish days to more modern quarters in the university center, but the welcome's still the same. Any DXer planning a trip to Mexico should mark the QTH on his map. Although XEXQ is a university station, it is sponsored in part by private individuals as a good music station. They publish a monthly bulletin giving their complete schedule and the music to be played on each program along with extensive notes on the composers and artists, details of the operas, etc. It reminds me much of the early days of FM and those stations that brought quality music to radio..


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