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Latin American Radio Books and Aticles

Compiled by Don Moore

All of the books and articles listed here I have either found myself in US university libraries or easily ordered via interlibrary loan.


English Language Books

Alisky, Marvin. Latin American Media: Guidance and Censorship. 1981. Iowa State University Press.

Fox, Elizabeth. Politics and Mass Media in Latin America. 1988.

Frederick, Howard H. Cuban-American Radio Wars: Ideology in International Telecommunications. 1986. Ablex.

Sanders, Ron. Broadcasting in Guyana. 1978. Routledge & Kegan Press. 77p.

Schwoch, James. The American Radio Industry and its Latin American Activities: 1900-1939. 1990 184p Univ of Illinois Press. Actually not a broadcasting book, but rather an historical account of utility type (mostly CW) broadcasting by US companies operating in Latin America.

Spanish Language Books

Armas Chitty, Jose Antonio. Historia de la Radiodiffusion en Venezuela. 1975. Edicion de la Camara Venezolana de la Industria de Radiodiffusion. A general history, with short closeups on 30 stations, most of which are or have been on shortwave. Some pictures.

Ballon, E.,, eds. Radio y Communicacion Popular en el Peru. 1987. Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales. 319p. Radio in social development, with chapters focusing on Catholic stations such as Radio Quillabamba, Radio Maranon, and La Voz de la Selva. Others on folk music, unlicensed stations, and more. Fascinating, but no pictures if you don't speak Spanish.

. Fundacion Standard Electric Argentina. Historia de las Comunicaciones Argentinas. 1979. F.S.E.A.

Noguer, Jorge Eduardo. Radiodiffusion en la Argentina. 1985 Editorial Bien Comun. 544p.

Tellez, Hernando B. Cincuenta Anos de Radiodiffusion Colombiana. 1974. Editorial Bedour S.A. History of Colombian radio. Some photos.

Portuguese Language Books

Bonavita Federico, Maria Elvira. Historia da Comunicacao Radio TV no Brasil.

Ferraz Sampaio, Mario Historia do Radio e da Televisao no Brasil e no Mundo. 1984.

Machado, Arlindo; Caio Magri; and Marcelo Masagao. Radios Livres: a Reforma Agraria no Ar. 1986. Editora Brasiliense SA. 190p. A Portuguese book on Brazilian pirate radio. English language review.

Murce, Renato. Bastidores do Radio. 1976. A personal look a Brazilian radio history with lots of old black and white photos.

English Langauge Articles

Alisky, Marvin. Early Mexican Broadcasting. Hispanic American Historical Review. Volume 34, #4, 1954.

Alisky, Marvin. Broadcasting in Peru. Journal of Broadcasting 3: p118. Spring 1959.

Alisky, Marvin. Uruguay's Utopian Broadcasting: Political and Artistic Freedom. Journal of Broadcasting 13: p277-283 1969.

Diehl, E. Roderick. South of the Border: the NBC and CBS Radio Networks and the Latin American Venture, 1936-1942. Communications Quarterly 25 4-5, Fall, 1977.

Emery, Walter B. Broadcasting in Mexico. Journal of Broadcasting 8: 257-274. Sum 1964.

Gwyn, Robert J. 1983. Rural Radio in Bolivia: A Case Study. Journal of Communication. 33:79-87

Newman, John F. Radio Newscasting in Latin America. Journal of Broadcasting 10: 25-32 (Winter, 1966).

Warlaumont, Hazel G. 1988. Strategis in International Radio Wars: A Comparative Approach. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. 32:43-59 (Winter, 1988). About Cuban-US radio wars.

Wood, Richard. Shortwave Broadcasts Span the Hemisphere. Americas 27: (Oct, 1975).


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