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Following is a list of items here of specific interest to medium wave DXers. However, MW DXers should browse through all of the Latin American country menus. Many of the articles contain some information on medium wave broadcasters, either as background or reports on specific stations. Also, I am adding an ever-increasing amount of station logos, stickers, etc including many medium wave only stations.

The Tapatio Log
A log of stations made while visiting Guadalajara, Mexico in November, 2001.
Includes dozens of audio files.
Ecuadorian Medium Wave Log
A log of stations heard during four weeks in Ecuador in October-November, 1997. Includes loggings of Ecuadorian, Colombian, and Peruvian stations mostly.
Venezuelan MW Log
Log of stations heard during three weeks in Venezuela in Dec/94 to Jan/95. Mostly Colombian and Venezuelan stations, but also a number of Caribbean island stations.
The Radio Election of 1924.
The first use of radio in a U.S. Presidential election. Lots of early history of US medium wave stations.
Folk Music Radio in Lima, Peru.
How folk music became a significant factor on radio in Lima during the 1950s.


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