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Radio Abaroa, Bolivia


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, (March 23, 1998) by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

4719.8 CP136 Radio Abaroa, Riberalta; has celebrated its 27th anniversary. Radio Abaroa was established by Rene Arias Pacheco on March 23, 1971. As the date of foundation March 23 is "Dia del Mar" (the day of sea is as memory of War of Pacific), the station was named for the hero Coronel Eduardo Abaroa. The shortwave transmitter is "ALCAM" brand which is a Brazilian radio manufacture, whose effective power is 500W, but it works with reduced output of 300W. Antenna is 1/2 wave dipole type (10 meters high above the ground). Transmitter site of shortwave outlet is located at Calle Santa Cruz y Chuquisaca, 500 meters from Studio in center of Riberalta. Transmitter site and studio are connected telephone cable. Radio Abaroa also broadcasts on 98.0MHz FM monaural with a "HUCARR" brand transmitter (only 20W). The FM transmission was commenced on August 6, 1993. It is located inside of the studios at Calle Nicanor Gonzalo Salvatierra No.249. This FM transmitter was formerly used by Radio Amazonas FM, a short lived pirate station. Radio Abaroa operates on the nominal frequency of 4760kHz and 98.0MHz simultaneously at 1000-0400 from Monday to Saturday, 1000-0100 on Sunday. The station rebroadcasts news program "El Panamericano" at 1130-1200 from Monday to Saturday. and also the newscast of "Canal 7" in Riberalta at 1630-1700. (copyrighted by TIN/Relampago DX)


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