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Radio Chaka, Pucarani, Bolivia


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, Number 82 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

1420.00 Radio Chaka, Pucarani is one of the tunable provincial broadcasters in downtown La Paz, and can be observed in the local morning and night. Lic. Padre Esteban Bartolusso, station director, sent me a nice QSL package dated May 18, 1996, with the following information.

Radio Chaka was officially inaugurated on May 31, 1990, under the "Chaka" project of Pucarani Communication Center. It was initially planned in 1987, and was consolidated on June 4, 1988, thanks to an assembly realized with 130 participants including authorities, general secretaries, students, and the people of Pucarani. The Pucarani Communication Center is actually composed of three departments: Audio-visual department is equipped with audio-visual aids and photo-laboratory; Publication department is equipped with a computer, a photocopier, a electric typewriter, and 20 portable typewriters; Broadcasting department "Radio Chaka" is equipped with Brazilian "SNE" brand transmitter, model BTA-1000 (output power of 1kW), and 1/4 wavelength vertical antenna (about 50m high above the ground), transmitting on the frequency of 1420kHz. The transmitter site and studios are located in Pucarani, capital of the Province of los Andes, in the Department of La Paz.

The station staff is consisted of young Aymaran farmers of the region: Mario Machaca (Press Chief), Paulina Condori (program of customs), Emilio Canqui (educational program), Alicia Callinsaya (agricultural programa), Abraham Mamani & Vic tor Mayta (operators), Padre Esteban Bartolusso (Director), and Carmelo Chavez (Administrator). The station currently runs at 0900-1330 and 2030-0130 daily, with programming of catechism, festival of felicitations, program for infant, information, etc. The daily program is composed of 60% of regional messages in Aymara and 40% of Spanish. Correspondence will be welcomed to the following new P.O.Box: Casilla 204, Colegio Don Bosco, La Paz.


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