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Radio Batallon Topater, Oruro, Bolivia


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, Number 82 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

BOLIVIA 1220.00 Radio Batallon Topater, Oruro, has not operated around 4980kHz since many years ago, though its MW outlet is still active on the authorized frequency of 1220kHz with callsign CP162. The station was officially founded on August 7, 1974, in honor of the Bolivian Armed Forces Day. It was named after "Topater" bridge where a grand battle was waged in defense of the Bolivian Littoral during the War of the Pacific in 1879. Radio Batallon Topater was created to culminate the social function for the benefit of civil population, with news, orientation, information, music, entertainment and other different programs.

The MW outlet CP162 is operated with "Cetec Sparta" brand transmitter (made in 1977) with an effective power of 2.5kW, connected into a vertical antenna (57m high above the ground). When the station has broadcast on SW (nominal 4980kHz ), from 1980 to 1983 it was irregularly observed around 4980.5kHz with fair to poor signal in Tokyo, but Ecos del Torbes (Venezuela) made reception a bit more difficult. The SW outlet was formerly equipped with a homebrewed transmitte r of 1kW and 1/2 wavelength dipole antenna (14m high).

The personnel of Radio Batallon Topater are as follows: Tcnl. Caballero Castelo Giacoman Pereira (director); Capitan Inf. Freddy Perez Gomes (program chief); Walter Zorrilla Rodriguez (recording operator); Jose Luis Salazar, Julio Cayoja, Eusebio Apaza, Freddy Leano (operators); Ana Rosa Rojas (disk-room manager); Jaime Sangueza (accountant); Coral Villaroel (secretary); Leonardo Choque Tapia (technical adviser ).

As of April 1996, Radio Batallon Topater broadcasts nominally at 1000-0300 (from Monday to Friday), 1000-2230 (Saturday), and 1100-2300 (Sunday).


  • 1000-1100 "Agropecuaria al dia"
  • 1100-1130 "Las Fuerzas Armadas junto a su pueblo"
  • 1130-1230 "Rumbo al trabajo"
  • 1230-1330 "Amenizando la manana"
  • 1330-1600 "Cronicas en Topater"
  • 1600-1700 "Musica en nuestra patria"
  • 1700-1730 "Caravana Deportiva"
  • 1730-1800 "Sobremesa Cultural"
  • 1800-1900 "El Estelar de Topater"
  • 1900-2200 "Proyecciones en Topater"
  • 2200-2300 "Comunicacion Directa"
  • 2300-0030 "Parada Musical"
  • 0030-0300 "Al Ritmo de la Noche"
QTH: Segunda Divison Andina de Ejercito, Calle Junin y 6 de Agosto, Oruro, Bolivia.


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