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Radio Sao Carlos

This item originally appeared in DX LISTENING DIGEST 00-90, JULY 11, 2000, edited by Glenn Hauser. It appears here with permission.


BRAZIL. R. S�o Carlos is one of the oldest stations in the country. Its founder Gisto Rossi was one of the pioneers of radio in Brasil. However, the station has declined in the last decade, not keeping up with technological innovations. But in a recent visit to the station, in a conversation with the owner, I was informed of some interesting innovations I would like to pass on. In September, R. S�o Carlos will complete 60 years. Among other things, its installations are being renovated, new equipment installed, a new vitality generated. Its frequency of 2420 kHz on 120 meters will be reactivated shortly, ``at any moment``. It will also have a website and possibly streaming online. The big news would be the intention to transmit on 49 or 60 meters, since broadcasts on 120m these days are rather pointless, except for us DXers, of course. I was also informed that reception reports will be confirmed, especially on the occasion of the stations`s 60th anniversary. Let`s hope so (Samuel C�ssio, Brazil, July 10, radio-escutas, translated by gh for DXLD)


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