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Radio Reloj - Neiva



The following item is taken from pages 227-228 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

Right after visiting Caracol Neiva, I called on La Voz del Huila, which is also owned by Sr. Rafael Navarro Troncoso. Less than a minute I found a green neon sign on which "La Voz del Huila" is written white.

La Voz del Huila was often noted at 0630-0930 GMT here in Japan during period 1978-1981 when Colombian stations were heard well. In the 49 meter band, La Voz del Huila was a regularly heard station as well as Radio Super de Bogota (6065), La Voz del Llano (6115) and Emisoras Nueva Granada (6160). La Voz del Huila became CARACOL, affiliate on the same date when Radio Colosal changed its network, for owner being the same. During TODELAR affiliate, they identified every 30 minutes as, "Desde el radio-centro 'I'ODELAR de Neiva, sede de los decimo-primeros juegos nacionales, les habla La Voz del Huila, HJFR 1210kHz onda larga, HJFR 6150kHz onda corta, banda internacional de 49 metros, 303.7MHZ frecuencia modulada. Somos TODELAR, primeros en sintonia." After network change they gave following ID every 30 minutes (in 1982), "Esta es La Voz del Huila, HJFR 1210kHz, 6150kHz onda corta banda de 49 metros y 303.7MHz frecuencia modulada desde Neiva, Colombia. La Voz del Huila, emisora de la Primera Cadena Radial Colombiana, CARACOL, CARACOL, radiodifusion de prestigio." While Radio Colosal changed its program style completely as an "Emisora Basica en Neiva, La Voz del Huila didn't appear to have changed its characteristic, playing dance music as Cumbia or Bambuco as before. Unfortunately they have not been heard since late February 1984.

Afterwards, CARACOL net changed its slogan to "La gran compania", formerly being "radiodifusion (or radio y television) de prestigio". Accordingly, their ID was altered as follows, "Esta es La Voz del Huila, la Radio Reloj de Huila. HJFR 1210kHz. Emisora de la Primera Cadena Radial Colombiana, CARACOL, CARACOL, la gran compania."

Sr. Luis Fernando Navarro (Director de la Correspondencia) , son of the owner, and Srta. Eva de Mateus (Directora de Programas) attended me for my gathering information. I was astonished to know that they changed station name, which is different from the neon sign. WRTH 1986 carries Radio Reloj, however, at time of my visit, I did not have such an information, and all ID I heard in Japan was La Voz del Huila. So I am sure that their name change was made after their leaving SW. It should be pointed out that after network change in 1982, they began to use a slogan "La Radio Reloj de Neiva". The slogan was adopted to be a station name. The reason why they changed station name is that they followed the classification made by CARACOL (cf. system of CARACOL Network). They belong to "Emisora Musical" - "Sistema Radio Reloj". Incidentally the station name was officially changed in 1985, and now following ID is given every 30 minutes: "Esta es Radio Reloj Neiva, HJFR l2l0kHz. Emisora de la Primera Cadena Radial Colombians, CARACOL, la gran compania." Company name itself remains unchanged: "Emisora La Voz del Huila S.A. ". From now on I will call them as "Radio Reloj Neiva".

Radio Reloj Neiva is principally a music station from its foundation, so studios are formally divided into control room and announcing room. They said that announcer usually acts as operator. Next to the studios, there is a discoteca, where they also compile programs. They have much disc collection of Musica Bailable (Cumbia/Merengue/Vallenato) which has been used since La Voz del Huila era, as well as Musica Romantica (Balada/Bolero) which is characteristic of Radio Reloj Neiva. There are national music and latin folklore, too. As their program consists 100% of Spanish music, English pops discs are not prepared. Next room is administration office, where some female persons were working. Half of the documents they deal with are those related to program planning or advertisements, sent from Bogota. I was lucky enough to obtain a "confidential" data, which could not have been gotten even in Caracol Bogota.

There is another new Colombian station at Carrera 5, No. 6-25, where Radio Reloj Neiva is. This is also owned by Sr. Rafael Navarro Troncoso: HJIV Colosal FM Estereo which broadcasts on the authorized frequency of 100.3MHz (stereo) with 9.76kW, broadcasting Spanish ballad 24 hours a day. This FM radio station can be classified as Emisora "FM Estereo" -Emisora Afiliada. This is the first FM station in Neiva, inaugurated on November 11, 1983. During my stay in Neiva, I could confirm other 2 FM stations: Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia (94.3MHz) and HJPE Neiva Estereo de RCN (90.3MHz). Further investigation revealed the existence of relay circuits in monaural transmission: CARACOL (92.5 & 96.7MHz) and TODELAR (105.5MHz). The former is used by Caracol Neiva, the latter by Radio Surcolombiana.

History of the Station

Sr. Rafael Navarro T. inaugurated Ondas del Huila in February 1962. Station was named after the Department . Afterwards changed to La Voz del Huila. On January 1, 1981, net was changed from 'TODELAR to CARACOL. At present they broadcast music programs, led by Srta. Eva Ruiz de Mateus. After changing name to Radio Reloj Neiva, they came to play Balada and Bolero, while Musica Bailable became fewer.

Technical Information

HJFR 1210kHz: "Singer Broadacating Products Inc." brand transmitter with an output power of l0kW (made in 1984). Emergency transmitter is "RTC" (Radio Tecinca Colombiana) model N9-7 with an output power of 5kW. The antenna tower is shared with Caracol Neiva.
HJOR-6150kHz: "Cesar Esteves" 2500AX transmitter with 2.5kW (made in 1965) 1/2 wave dipole antenna (15m high). Due to old valves, SW service has been off and shall not be reused until new tubes are obtained.
VHF-303.7mHz: "Mc.Marti" 15W transmitter is used to send programs to transmitter site.


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