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Radio Buen Pastor, Saraguro, Ecuador


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

ECUADOR RADIO "EL BUENO PASTOR": The dream of having a broadcasting station in the Canton Saraguro, was idealistically born in 1977, and its project has been concreted from 1984 to 1990 by Asociacion Cristiana de Indigenas Saraguros ("ACIS") legalizing the tramismissions with OMS International. Through the meeting in 1991, the station name was definited as "El Buen Pastor". (Good Shepherd Radio). The inauguration was made in July 15, 1995, operating on the frequency of 4830kHz. On September 4, 1996, this SW frequency was changed to 4815kHz due to an interference from Radio Tachira of Venezuela.

The station broadcasts daily at the following schedule: 1200- 1400 & 2100-2300 in Quichua, 1400-1600 & 2300-0100 in Spanish. The Spanish programs are conducted by 3 announcer/operators: Luis Benigno Poma, Miguel Angel Condolo, Dr. Luis Vacacela. The Quichua programs are conducted by 2 announcers: Segundo Poma and Manuel Asuncion Poma.

Radio Buen Pastor has a callsign of HCAX3 is and is totally a commercial privated broadcaster. The studio is located at Saraguro village, the capital of Canton Saraguro, Province Loja, at 03-37-05 LS & 79-14-19 LW at 2530m above sea level. The transmitter site is located at 03-32-53 LS & 79-10-40 LW at Loma de Carbocillo, 3030m sea level. They use "CCA Electronics" brand transmitter of an output of 1kW, and its signal was fed into a 1/2 wavelength dipole antenna. Between studio and transmitter site is linked by the frequency of 223.1MHz with a "CCA Electronics" (10W of power) connected into YAGI antenna (6 elements).

Reports welcomed to Radio El Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Radio), Correo Central , Saraguro, Provincia Loja, Ecuador. Need US$10 to get QSL and pennant.


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