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Radio Mineria, Chile


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, Number 83 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

CHILE 1220.00 Radio Mineria, Temuco; According to a reply from Jorge Collao Collao, director-gerente, the station CD122 began its broadcasting activity on December 15, 1988. Having been confronted with other local competitors, the station came to be a preferable broadcaster for audience, with relevant programming to the social through the continuos campaign in favor of the community. The station carries the wellknown newscast "Correo Regional de Mineria" (3 editions a day), also local news such as "Panorama", "Tribuna de Mineria", "Tiro al Blanco", etc. As Radio Mineria takes the national music (folklore chileno) into special consideration, it has several folklore programs such as "Que Lindo es Chile", "Chile Tierra de Encuentros", "La Bailona", etc. Radio Mineria broadcasts on the authorized frequency of 1220kHz with an output of 10kW, covering the all Region IX and X. The station studio is located at Calle Antonio Varas 920, oficina 34, and its transmitting plant is located at Camino Chol-Chol, km6, Temuco. The station now occupies at the 3rd ranking of local listeners, according to the audience rating research. The "Cadena Mineria" is composed of the following broadcasting stations in the national territory:

  • 590kHz CA59 Radio Mineria QTH: Washinghton 2562, Depto. 204, Antofagasta.TEL: 223954 Casilla: 1060
  • 800kHz CB80 Radio Mineria: QTH: 5 Norte 168, Vina del Mar. TEL: 971201 Casilla: 31 -A-
  • 1060kHz CB106 Radio Mineria: QTH: Miguel Claro 161, Santiago.TEL: 2358202 Casilla: 2626
  • 1220kHz CD122 Radio Mineria: QTH: Antonio Varas 920, oficina 34, Temuco. TEL: 212930
  • 1250kHz CA125 Radio Mineria (ex-Radio America Regional): QTH: Matta 592, La Serena. TEL: 217324
  • 1260kHz CA126 Radio Mineria: QTH: Jose Nogueira 1277, Punta Arenas.TEL: 243135
  • 1440kHz CA144 Radio Mineria (ex-Radio Arica): QTH: General Lagos 678, Arica. TEL: 251401
  • 1450kHz CD145 Radio Mineria: QTH: Ramon Ricardo Rosas 493, Puerto Varas.TEL: 232248
  • 1550kHz CA150 Radio Mineria (ex-Radio Almirante Patricio Lynch): QTH: Esmeralda 594, Iquique. TEL: 422693
  • 93.5MHz Radio Mineria: QTH: Coyhaique. TEL: 234440

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