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A Visit (actually many visits)
to the Coromoto Ice Cream Store

By Don Moore


The following item was originally submitted to a forum on a Venezuelan travel website.

I visited Merida in Dec 94 - Jan 95. Actually, the Corimoto ice cream store has over 500 flavors (or did when I was there). Only about 100 flavors are available at any time, but the non- available ones are on a separate list where you can read them. The onion ice cream tasted just like garden fresh green onions (or scallions), only colder. Unusual, but good. The tomato ice cream tasted like creamy frozen cream of tomato soup, which makes sense considering the dairy base. The rose ice cream was just like inhaling a bouquet of roses, except one was eating them! Although unusual, all three were good. The beet and corn ice cream, although they certainly tasted like what they were, were only slightly palatable, however. My favorite was the chestnut ice cream, and my wife's favorite was spearmint. The spearmint was a brilliant green and made with fresh spearmint leaves.

Another interesting flavor was spaghetti with cheese. This was cheese flavored ice-cream with ground-up spaghetti (noodles only, no sauce). It was kind of gritty, but worth trying to say that we've eaten spaghetti ice cream! Oh yes, good carrot ice cream, too.

We had our (then) 4 year old daughter with us and ordered more normal flavors for her. I can confirm that Corimoto's average flavors like strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and chocolate are good, too. But, if your're over five years old and order stuff like that at Corimoto's you have no imagination!

It's really amazing how his flavors really taste like what they are. Some of the flavors, however, are 'fantasy'flavors - that is they are combinations of things named after something else.For example, we tried one named after a popular Venezuelan soap opera. I can't describe what was in it, but it included cherry. Other fantasy flavors were named after things like countries around the world, sporting events, Merida's radio stations, sayings such as "You're stepping on my toes"ice cream, etc.

It's a very small corner shop, very unpretentious, but well worth repeated-visits if you are in Merida. It's cheap, too. A double serving (two flavors) was around 60 to 80 US cents, depending on the flavors. The scoops weren't huge, but the small size made it possible to try more flavors. One option was a "mixed salad" (ensalada mixta) which included five vegetable flavors for about two dollars.


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