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    TI4NRH, Latin America's first SWBC station.
    May 1933 Union Radio-Americana Magazine This magazine was an official publication of TI4NRH. Several selected pages of this issue have been scanned into jpeg files (between 70 to 105k each). All in Spanish, except where noted.
  • Front Cover May 1933
  • Table of Contents
  • Page 20 - English language poem about TI4NRH by Chicago DXer Lionel Stetson
  • Page 29 - Excerpts from listeners' letters
  • Page 30 - More excerpts from letters
  • Page 31 - More excerpts from letters
  • Page 35 - Article on radio by Nicaraguan listener Roberto Gutierrez y Silva
  • Page 36 - Continuation of page 35

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