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  • Radio Popular, Cuenca - The station once active on 4800 kHz. 1985 photo. In my 1997 return, the wall had been painted over with white paint so that the station is no longer marked.
  • La Voz de Sasquisili - The station irregularly active on 4900 kHz. 1985.
  • Radio Tarqui - The major Quito MW station once on 4977 kHz shortwave. Not to be confused with La Voz del Rio Tarqui on 3285. 1985 black & white photo.
  • La Voz de las Carasa 20k jpeg photo of the front of this station. 1985.
  • Radio Panamericana 25k jpeg photo of the front of this station. 1985.
  • Radio Antena Libre Station previously on 3240 kHz. 27k jpeg. 1985.
  • Radio Paz y Bien Padre Enrique Pesantez in front of this station. 10k jpeg. 1985.
  • San Francisco Church 26k jpeg photo of the San Francisco Church and Monastery in downtown Quito. Radio Jesus del Gran Poder is located in the wing to the right of the church. 1985.
  • Saraguro The Roman Catholic church in Saraguro, Ecuador, home to Protestant station Radio Buen Pastor. Okay, there's not really a connection, but I visited the town years before the station was even planned! We were on bus from Cuenca to Loja which passed through Saraguro. A local Peace Corps volunteer on the bus told us that Saraguro had a good local (non-touristic) market the next day, so we decided to visit Saraguro on a whim. It was a nice town, but very much off the beaten path (just the way I like places to be!). 26k jpeg. 1985.

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