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Photos from Takayuki Inoue Nozaki
Check the articles section (link above) for some great articles about these stations! My Photos
  • Radio Ancash The station heard on 4991 kilohertz.
  • City of Cajamarca 36k jpeg photo of the city of Cajamarca taken from an overlooking hillside. Radio Cajamarca is located in a small building across the street from the right side of the plaza. Radio Nuevo Continente is one block back from the far side of the plaza. It is next door to the tall building which sticks up on that street. The tall building is the Hotel Jusovi, where we stayed while in Cajamarca. 1985.
  • Radio Cajamarca A local MW station that was active on shortwave in the early-mid 1980s. The doorway in the building to the left leads back into an old Inca stone room. This is reputedly the room which Atahualpa, the Inca emperor, ordered his subjects to fill with gold in order to gain his release from from his Spanish kidnappers. The Incas filled the room with gold, but Pizarro reneged on his promise and executed Atahualpa anyway before continuing on to conquer the Inca empire.
  • Radio ChotaThe station now on 4890 kilohertz. In the mid-80s, when this photo was taken, their shortwave frequency was 6296 kHz.
  • Radio CutervoA black & white photo of Radio Cutervo, sometimes active on 5661 kHz.
  • Main street, Cutervo, Peru. Radio Cutervo is to the right with two men in front of the doorway.
  • Radio Ilucan, Cutervo, Peru Most recently active on 5678 kHz.
  • Transmitter at Radio Moderna. Radio Moderna broadcast on 4300 kilohertz from Celendin in the early 1980s. Several other stations have since used 4300 kilohertz with what is believed to be the same transmitter.
  • Radio Continental The Arequipa station on 6055 kHz. 30k jpeg. 1985.
  • Radio Bambamarca As the sign implies, the station is located on this second floor balcony. 36k jpeg. 1985.
  • Plaza in Arequipa The plaza in one of Peru's most beautiful cities. 33k jpeg. 1985.
  • The Church on the Plaza in Cutervo

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