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  • Don Moore's Uruguay Journal - An unedited account of my 1985 travels in this country with an emphasis on radio.
    A reader of this article writes: I'm a senior in highschool and for a project needed some specifics about Urugayian foods. I stumbled across your page in my search, and for the first time in my search I could understand the life in Uruguay. By that I mean that instead of the dry facts I have been reading over and over again from different perspectives your paper helped me bring it to a level I can relate to. Thank you. James.

  • Pirate Radio in Uruguay

Uruguay Radio Graphics at Patepluma

  • Radio Monte Carlo - Color photo of entrance to co-owned stations Radio Monte Carlo and Oriental in downtwon Montevideo. The "Universal" next door is another Montevideo radio station! 1985.
  • Radio Carve - Black and white photo of station entrance. This station was on shortwave in the early 1980s. 1985.

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